Birdy in Paralelní Polis

Blockchain connected bird feeder

More birds you feed, more Ethereum you make

See How It Works

How It Works

Do you remember that guy in Africa which deliver water to animals ? We believe that Blockchain can help people doing similar things.

Birdy is installed in Prague, Czech Republic and it's budget is made up of small voluntary contributions by people which want to support birds in local area.

Birdy's sensor counts birds flying in and uses that number in the smart contract, so your reward is equal to how many birds were attracted by the seeds and grains you brought.

Real Time Data

Feeder sends every hour how many birds has visited. Weather information in Prague, where is feeder placed is obtained from Yahoo Wather API. Data are recorded not only on Ethereum Blockchain, but also in Google Spreadsheet.

Register Your RFID Card

Please submit UID of RFID card you will use and also Ethereum address on Kovan network where you want to receive reward. You need to have browser extension MetaMask. To get UID of your RFID you can use an Android phone with RFID Reader app.


Feeder runs on board SODAQ ExpLoRer which handles bird counting, connection to the LoRa network, RFID reader and also power management. Feeder is connected to charger every evening and battery is stored in five 18650s.

Smart Contract

No one is in charge of the money, the smart contract itself is. Source code can be seen here


Feeder sends its data over LoRa. Connectivity has been kindly supplied by Ceske Radiokomunikace

Paper Hub

Birdy is located in Paper Hub. Paper Hub is a Prague-based coworking space for liberal-minded, innovative freelancers and startups interested in decentralization, cryptotechnologies and digital freedom in general. With a coffee bar, hackerspace and a think-tank it makes an "all inclusive package" of Paralelni Polis, the Ztohoven group project.


Birdy has been unveiled on EthCC in Paris

Who Made This Possible

This project wouldn't be possible without those people.

Pavel Král

Josef Jelacic

Ondrej Bárta